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Crane Kick Cobra Kai

Ruth, Jesse and Lee talk all things Karate movies to the latest Cobra Kai series. Why young and old like them Hear Jesse on the Grawlix podcast and The Turning Cartwhe...

The Mandalorian Deep Dive

SPOILERS! Today we talk with Tim from Rainbow Comics to discuss The Mandalorian. Shoutouts:Art of Lee BokmaDoug at Grand Comic Con Links from the episode: Rainbow Comi...

Christmas Special

The third and final installment of The Podcast Arcade Christmas Special, Countdown to Krampus. The Podcast Arcade

Top 3 80's Sitcoms

Listen to Jeff and Lee discuss their favorite 80's sitcoms. Previous episodes with JeffTop 3 80's Arcade gamesTop 5 90's MoviesTop 5 80's Movies Link to MEGA (Make Ete...

X-Men Talk with Tim

SPOILERS episode X-Men talk with Tim at Rainbow Comics about the latest new X story from Hickman Rainbow Facebook Page Previous Episodes with Tim: Star Wars Expanded U...

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