February 25, 2018 Are you being authentic?

Today we will discuss are you being authentic? Then the fun you can have with your Alexa. A great movie podcast that you can use to impress your friends with little known facts finally a comic book that will make you wonder. This episode is jam packed so let’s get started.


Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ― Dr. Seuss


Are you being authentic? Do you act or speak in a totally different way when certain people are around you? Now I don’t mean you stop swearing when you are with your 7 year old child is around.


I should preface this with the fact I am not perfect at this all of the time. I am human, however I am very mindful about being genuine now than I was 10 years ago. As the saying goes with age comes wisdom. This is only my opinion. If you are already being authentic great, I just wanted to bring awareness to this subject for those of us who need a reminder.


What I mean is do you change your personality based on who’s around you? For example I am in B2B sales, I have seen many other sales reps over the years really turn on the charm to the point it can make you nauseas. They over promise and under deliver. I try to do the opposite under promise and over deliver. I try not to promise something I can’t keep, I am sure it costs me some sales, but at least I can say I was honest and I wasn’t being fake.


Some other examples of this is a podcast I listen to the host really turns on the radio voice. You know the voice. I later heard him in an interview for another podcast and his radio voice was nowhere to be heard. Why? I mean I know why, but why not be honest with your audience on or off the mic? I could tell when I first listened to his podcast I could immediately tell the radio voice was fake, the other interview just confirmed my suspicion.


I know another podcast who never swears on the podcast, but their twitter feed is full of curse words. Why?


I’m sure we can agree we don’t like people who are fake. I do my best to give you honesty and not be fake. Based on the two previous examples the voice you hear now in front of the mic is the same you would hear off of the mic. I rarely swear of the mic and you will rarely hear me swear on the mic, that’s just the way I am. Again I try to be honest on and off the mic. The two a fore mentioned guys are successful and creative I wonder if they could take their creativity to the next level if they were consistent.


This is just a thought that came to me the other day and wanted to flesh it out.


Another example of this is the comic book artist and writer Alan Moore. Comic book artist Alan Moore took on the Rob Liefields Supreme title at Image comics said he would only do it if he had full control. He wanted to be able to write the character as he saw fit, to be the best writer he could be he needed the flexibility to do whatever he wanted with the title. At first it sounds as if he is being over controlling, but he wanted to be able to be himself and not have someone else force him to be something he isn’t. Since he had established himself with Watchmen and other titles, he could ask for more than a new struggling artist. Part of the benefit of being successful, but a good example of someone wanting to be themselves.


How about Jaime Hyneman, the co-host of mythbusters. He is well known for being stoic all the time. They did an episode where people had to try to guess the persons emotions by only seeing their eyes. Before they gave the examples the crew Adam Jayme and others had to make a face depending on their emotions. Happy, sad, angry and so forth. With Jayme his facial expressions were all the same. He was being him, when they approached him about doing the show, they needed to add a co-host with more emotion, to appeal to the viewers. Because he said he couldn’t act more emotional. He wanted to be him.


Sometimes I see blatant dishonesty, on a podcast about podcasting I heard a guy promoting a podcast hosting service. On the site they said they were the world’s most popular podcast hosting site. The host called him out and he said they need to say something like that to attract customers, even though it was a lie. Wow!


Whatever you create be real be authentic, even if it stinks you can stand tall knowing you tried and it’s you not an imitation of someone else. Like last episode just start you can modify and correct later.


Like this podcast I will be make changes as we go, but it will always be nerdy stuff, because that's me. You won’t get any fantasy football episodes or NBA final week stuff. People who like that stuff great that’s their thing it’s just not me.


People can tell fairly quickly if you are being genuine or faking. Very few can pull off a long term deception. I know this sounds cliché, just be yourself


Tech Talk

I got an Amazon dot a few weeks ago and we are enjoying all the things it can do, one thing I found was interactive audio stories, just like the choose your own adventure stories. You listen to small snippets of the story then you get to pick an option. It’s like an audio drama you would have heard in the 30’s and 40’s, but instead of being one way you the listener get to decide what happens. There are sound effects and voice actors who play the parts of the characters. There are several to choose from Wayne investigations where you try to find out who killed Bruce Wayne's parents and the magical door which is a mystery fantasy type story. There are more too, but these are the ones we have been using so far.

I find it fascinating, even though I am about 2 years behind. If you have an Alexa I encourage you to try these out. It likes like it’s not too difficult to make these types of skills, if you are a creator I would encourage you to make one, give it a shot. Whoever owns the rights to the old choose your own adventure books could easily translate these stores to an audio format. I love things like this. I think it’s more engaging that TV. My kids love it.


Podcast shout out time. This time I want to get local, if you like movies you will love Underground Inc. Ben, Anthony and Billy are extremely knowledgeable and funny. The insight they have about the movies they watch is incredible, I am always amazed at the trivial things I learn when listening to them comment while watching a movie. I have met Ben personally and he is a great guy. It’s like an audio version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Except they watch popular movies instead of B movies. Check them out Underground Inc.


Comic Book Commentary

I read through Y: The Last Man from Vertigo it explores the idea of what would happen to the planet if all male mammals suddenly died. Written by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra In 2002


The reader finds out quickly there was two males who didn’t die the main character Yorick and his pet monkey. Yorick is a struggling escape artist who spends the entire series trying to get to his girlfriend who is in Australia while he was in Washington DC when the pandemic occurs. We follow his journey and along the way he finds out who and what may have caused the plague.


Yorick is accompanied by agent 355 who is his bodyguard along the way on his journey. Being the last male he has to survive to continue the human race.


The story gives insight to the chaos the world is suddenly plunged into and the violent factions start to develop like the militant Daughters of the Amazon and other smaller gangs.


I thought this was a good read, I like it because it has a defined start and a definite end, 60 issues. The author wasn’t trying to keep going just to keep going. It’s long enough to tell the story. The story moves fast enough to keep you interested and the art was good. It’s Vertigo and has a lot of language, nudity and blood, defiantly not kids friendly IMO.


You can find it on Amazon, I will have links in the show notes at covertnerd.net Check it out and let me know what you think. It won a few awards and Brian K Vaughn has written some other works that were very successful like Saga and


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