November 15, 2017 What you need to know about Thanos and the Infinity Gems

 Imagine with me for a moment anything you wish to be you are… anything you wish is…nothing in this universe dares challenge that claim, there can be only one word to describe you GOD


That’s what I want to talk about today is marvels Infinity Gauntlet


This topic has been slowly brewing for the last few years because of the MCU movies and the underlying thread of the infinity gems and Thanos. Where and when did all these stories and characters come from? That’s what I want to explore today.


Specifically the 1990’s iterations of the gems and Thanos, yes he had gathered 5 of the six gems previously, but this is the first time he obtained all 6 and this is where Disney/Marvel got there inspiration for the MCU.


This was the start of the decade’s long Infinity saga that we are still exploring today in the MCU


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