November 27, 2017 Parallel Movie review

The movie Parallel is an interesting and psychological concept. If you ever wondered how would my life have diverted if I would have made a different choice on my job or partner or other decisions? This movie tries to answer that question.

I really like the concept of experiencing yourself from another universe and how you may act differently good or bad. If you have seen the movie sliding doors with Gwyneth Paltrow, this movie has a similar concept. This movie however takes a more dark, sinister and erotic twist.

Neil and Heather meet Machlis a mysterious old man who claims he can show them their parallel selves. When they see their parallel selves they become addicted to seeing their alternate lives and can’t stop revisiting their alternate universe. Their visits progressively darker and darker and the lines become blurred for the main characters between their real lives and their dark counter parts.

Overall a good movie a short run time and the movie moves a good pace without staying too long in one scene. The scenes are exactly the right length. It has a good mix of thriller, erotic and horror without excessive gore. Which I am not a big fan of.

The movie does a good job of shooting the film distingushing between the real life and the parallel lives of Neal and Heather. The “real” lives are in color and the parallel lives are in black and white. Excellent way to show the viewers which part you are watching.

This isn’t a big budget film with big name actors. However the acting is very good, I think the main characters Neil and Heather are well done. They deliver their lines well.

My only criticisms are a few scenes the dialogue is too quiet. Also one scene feels like it was accidentally cut too soon and should have been held a little longer. Both are something that can be easily fixed in another project.

I think Amazon, Netflix Hulu and other streaming services are giving budding directors and producers the chance to sharpen their teeth with movie projects. Just like podcasting is giving me a regular guy a way to distribute content to the masses. We should try to support newcomers to the medium of choice. As a producer this is Alex first production and does very well for himself. Please give him some encouragement on Twitter his handle is @alexcooper81.

I have a face for radio as they say and chose to go with podcasting.

Overall I would give this movie 7 out of 10. If you like psychological thrillers you will like this movie. If you are an Amazon prime member you can watch it as part of your subscription. Director Ieva Makselyte and written by David Magowan Producer Alexander Cooper


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