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Top 14 comics of 2018

January 1, 2019

Today we take a look back at the comics we reviewed this year then we will look at two fantastic comic titles. Lastly we take a look to the future.

So many good comics this year and so little time. I listed them all and then I decided to rank them. Which was no easy task, I read so many this year and it was great to get back into comics again after being only a part time reader. I had a lot of fun looking for comics I had missed over the last 20 years and a few new titles from new publishers, artist and writers. There’s some good young talent out there. These talent out there now is like the talent I got into comics with in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Many of those people now are in charge of publishers now. Keep an eye on these men and women now because in 20 years they will be running the comic industry.

Back to the comic picks of this year. If I reviewed or mentioned them on the podcast then IMO they were some of the best. This will be a very brief run through of the 14 comic titles I reviewed this last year. The list will be in the show notes on I can confidently recommend any of these and you won’t be disappointed.


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Comics reviewed

14 Monstress Image Comics

13. Essex county Image Comics

12. I Kill Giants Image Comics

11. Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe Valiant

10. Plume Devil’s Dueent

9. Y the Last Man Vertigo

8. Dark Ark After Shock

7. The Long Con Oni Comics

6. Black Hammer Dark Horse

5. Secret Six DC Comics


These last four could almost all be number ones, however there can only be one.

  1. Britannia Valiant any of them but starting with the first volume will help the story make more sense


  1. Faith Valiant, thankfully you pick any of these up and it will make sense, but why miss out on all the fun. Just start at the beginning.


  1. East of West Image Comics Who doesn’t like an alternative history heading towards the apocalypse. It’s a fascinating story with more plot twists and turns than a round about. Unlike the previous two you will have to start at the beginning to understand what’s going on.


  1. Invincible Image Comics

Created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker and illustrated by artist Ryan Ottley. From beginning to end I couldn’t stop reading.  I didn’t find this until a few months before the last issue. I binged on this for almost 2 months, exclusively read Invincible and only Invincible. The story and and the art are fantastic. The story is tight and doesn’t veer much from Mark Grayson and how he deals with being a half human on earth. I love the fact Kirkman didn’t try to keep the series going and milk the title for all he could get, because he probably could have. I can see him possibly doing a few 1 shot issues here and there, telling some stories where the regular title was vague.  If he doesn’t I’m okay with that. He started a good story and ended it when he was done, that’s the way it should be. I would say grab all 144 issues and lock yourself in your room for the entire weekend and you won’t regret it.

There it is the 14 comics I reviewed this year ranked.  Let me know your thoughts on these. Agree? Or disagree?

Joe Golem:

Forty years after disaster left Lower Manhattan submerged in thirty feet of water, children have begun disappearing below the surface. In this new series, Joe Golem hunts the terrifying creature that has been pulling children into the depths of the canals.


Mignola and Golden have created a noir-esque detective book, fueled by alternate history and their usual twist of the spiritual macabre. They have crafted a masterful story. Patric Reynolds does some creepy work here. From the creepiness of the water, to flashback scenes giving us a little of Joe’s history, the art is wonderful and clean.  He provides the art of the gloomy world, with a grainy style of pencils which suits the somewhat sunken world.

This comics is based on the novel by the same name. Joe investigates strange events in the now partially sunken New York City. They also slowing reveal Joe’s mysterious background. The book has a good mix of horror without much of the gore. I also like the fact the stories are 2-3 issues with a thread of a constant underlying story.

If you like noir mysteries then you will love Joe Golem


Saga of the Swamp Thing

The character first appeared in House of Secrets #92 (July 1971) by DC Comics in a stand-alone horror story set in the early 20th century. I’m reading the Alan Moore collections because I heard they were good.  So far I would have to agree, I started these books knowing almost nothing about Swamp Thing other than he was a character from DC who became swamp thing after a lab accident. The writing has some of the bizarre and grittiness of Moore which is why people tend to like his style since he doesn’t pull any punches with his subjects. I like in volume one he mixes in a few other DC characters like Batman, Lex Luthor and John Constantine

The art over the 4 volume collection is done by Stephen Bissette John Totleben Dan Day Rick Veitch. Overall the art has the 80’s look and feel witch I like. It’s a bit rough, but that adds to the darker feel of swamp thing. I am still amazed at the old time artists who did it all by hand and still have such details. Especially when do a title like this with vines and other plant life it can be complicated.

The future looks fun and bright for the podcast and I’m having a lot of fun doing this.  I think you will hear more nerd death matches. I like Lee and the whole concept because its fun, and I hope you like them too. The entire podcast community of creators is helpful and welcoming, I’m so glad to be part of a great group of people. I hope to be consistent with episodes, but with work and family it can be tough to get episodes out, but I will try to do better.


At the time of this recording it’s getting close to the end of the year. I want to thank you the listener for your time and support of this podcast. Please visit to subscribe on Google podcasts, Apple podcast, Sound Cloud and many other apps of your choice.

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