October 2, 2018 What are you collecting

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As comic book nerds we buy comics we plan to read, but sometimes we put them in a longbox and forget about them. On the Comic Geek Speak podcast one of the hosts was talking about this very thing.  He has over 25K comics in his collection so I can understand how something like this could happen. It made me think about how we collect and the fine line between collecting and hoarding.

It’s the comic book collection bug we sometimes get. We collect and then sometimes we purge and sell everything off. Then we collect and purge and the cycle continues. Some of us like me rarely purge, but I also don’t spend $100’s each month on comics each month, my budget won’t allow it.  If I did have the money I could see myself getting to 25K quickly. Let’s do the math 25K/35=714/365=1.95 per day. I’m not knocking it, because if you can afford it and it doesn’t cause you to be late on your obligations by all means do it. Carl Eddie and Jeff over at the MEGA podcast which is a MOTU podcast talk about mini collections.  I am pretty sure Carl came up with the idea of the mini collection. They like MOTU, but aren’t trying to get every figure ever made. They are looking for their favorites only. And if their collection gets too big then they downsize it to keep it in the “mini” category. I’m not exactly sure what number “mini” is and it probably varies for each person over at the MEGA podcast, but the idea is keeping it small. 

I was talking with a local guy who makes custom copies of old arcade machines. He does a fantastic job Lee Bokma bought a machine from him.  I will put a link to his website in the show notes.  I think I will bring him on the show sometime in the future. He talks about the fact he can make a machine that has 100’s of old games on it so that a person doesn’t have to spend hours of time and lots of money collecting old video games. For me and video games that’s fine however some people like the thrill of the hunt. They get joy from hunting for those one or two figures or issues you want to add to their collection.  For example On the Rad years podcast one of the hosts “squeezer” collected old NES carts. He could easily over pay by going on e-bay and find most of what he’s looking for, but he enjoys hunting at garage sales, auctions and flea markets for the carts he loved as a kid.

With comics I’m similar, when I buy I tend to be looking for old issues I lost when a couple of long boxes got ruined by water in our basement. It’s more nostalgia and I didn’t have a big collection to start with around 600. It’s fun going through long boxes and coming across an issue I am missing.  All of sudden I can remember the storyline and what was going on in my life when I was reading it. You probably have a similar reaction when you are hunting for what you collect. Especially if it’s something you did when you were younger. I buy a few new here and there because I think it good to have a mix of the old and new.

On the flip side of nerdy collecting I am part of a Heroquest Facebook group. Heroquest is a basic RPG board game. With 4 hero’s who go through several quests to defeat villian’s and collect gold and other items along the way. The game came out in 1989, for more you can listen to episode 2 where I go into more detail. The game is hard to find for under $120 and the rare expansion with go as high as $800.  There was a guy who posted a picture of the number of games he had been collection over the years.  He had 9 main sets and 4-5 of each expansion. Many people blasted him for hoarding so many sets, I’m not one to criticize much, but in this case maybe he should consider sharing the wealth. I didn’t comment since so many people had already said what I was thinking. It’s like the guy who collects Moss man figures and Moss man only. Literally hundreds of Moss man figures. However I pretty open minded and if this type of collecting makes a person happy and the price of their collecting still allows them to meet their financial obligations, then more power to them. Whether it’s Surfboards, napkins or milk bottle’s if you love it and it doesn’t cause you to go broke, go for it.

How you collect may evolve as your life changes, when your single or married with a duel income home with no kids your disposable income is big.  When you have kids your priorities change as they should. Cutting back doesn’t mean not at all, it means not as much for now. Delayed gratifications has a multitude of real world benefits, I will include a link to an article giving you 10 reasons why and if you research you will find more science behind the idea of delayed gratification. Being mature enough to accept change is good. Later when you become an empty nester it changes again, it’s not forever. I should I’m not the perfect model of, this but I did cut back dramatically on comics and in the last 2 years have increased both in what I spend monetarily and the time I spend with comics.

Being nerd and collecting doesn’t mean you hoard and hid your collection, it should be something you want to share and let others enjoy the things you have collected over the years. Whether you have a mini collection or a mega collection. Enjoy it a share it with others.  Tell them the stories behind what you collect.

What type of collector are you? Do you want to find every floppy issue of X-Factor? Or are you okay with certain key issues? What do you collect?  Let me know on Twitter Instagram or email, visit covertnerd.net for all the ways you can contact me. A link will be in the show notes on whatever device you are listening.

When I review something I am commenting on it because I liked it and I encourage you to take a look as well.  I try not to criticize or rant because there is enough of that already, I want to stay positive.  I stick to the adage if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

Today is no exception. I recently read Essex county

Jeff Lemire tells a complex story with simple black and white art. He can do that because the setting takes place in his childhood home town. He tells 3 separate stories that are loosely connected. Here’s the solicit.

“Where does a young boy turn when his whole world suddenly disappears? What turns two brothers from an unstoppable team into a pair of bitterly estranged loners? How does the simple-hearted care of one middle-aged nurse reveal the scars of an entire community, and can anything heal the wounds caused by a century of deception?”

I’m more of a super hero / fantasy fan, but this one had me turning the pages to find out what happens next.  My personal favorite was the second story about the two brothers and their falling out. Because of the simple art it showcases the ability Jeff has in telling a story. This came out in 2009 and has been put in a collection with extra art and stories, I will put a link in the show notes so you can look at it if you want. I recommend this to anyone.

Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe is a fun pop corning type of book.  It reminds me of the old X-men Versus the FF back in the 80’s.  It’s a story you can tell was put together on purpose by the publisher to appeal to a large readership.  The reader knows it, but in this case it was still a fun story to read.  I guess you could say I succumbed to their marketing ploys.

Colin King is Ninjak, MI-6’s deadliest intelligence operative, and weapons expert. When the ruthless assassin Roku exploits his greatest weakness, Ninjak will be forced to betray his closest allies. Now, on the run, he must face off against the most powerful heroes known to man for a high-octane, take-no-prisoners trial by fire more perilous and more unpredictable than any he’s faced before. The world’s most dangerous super-spy goes to war with the Valiant Universe…

Plume by K Lynn Smith

Last and certainly not least is Plume by K Lynn Smith. I talked with her at O Comic Con and as I have mentioned 2 episodes ago she is a genuinely nice person.  I went to one of her panels and talked with her in the vendor area. I asked her a few questions and she was patiently indulged my questions. Plume is a fun western adventure type of book with magical undertones. To sum it up I would say it’s Lara Croft meets John Wayne type genre.  Here’s the solicit for volume 1.

Plume is a story set in the Old West about a girl named Vesper Grey and her supernatural companion, Corrick. On their quest to recover her father's life work, they encounter new friends and new foes, and learn that the Wild West is anything but tame.

  1. Lynn Smith not only wrote it, but did the art as well. Both in my opinion are excellent. This is a passion project of hers. There are 3 volumes so far I have only read volume 1. I will put a link in the show notes so you can look at it and buy it if you want.

I have to take a few extra moments to do an extended shout out to a couple of other podcasts.  The first is called Galactic Driftwood. I briefly spoke with Bill and John at O Comic shortly before they started their podcast, I didn’t get a chance to meet them but the other two hosts are Charles and Audie. They launched about a month ago and they are fabulous.  If you are a sci fi fan you will love the indepth discussion they go into.  They like to examine the science in Sci fi.  They also like to cosplay.  Some topics they have talked about are Dr Who, Star trek pretty much all the different series, expanse and many others.  Right out of the shoot their sound and look is professional.  You can find them at galacticdriftwood.space I will put  link in the show notes.

The Second is the Healthy under pressure podcast, now this one isn’t on the nerdy genre, but I did a panel with her at O Comic Con about podcasting. The podcast is Healthy under pressure podcast.  I wanted to mention her and her podcast because we and several other local podcasters have had lunch together. Recently her podcast was featured in the Apple Podcast section for her genre. I am proud of her to have done so well in such a short amount of time, Amber works hard at putting out a quality podcast. She does great interviews with great people. Check out the Healthy under pressure podcast. And I will put a link in the show notes.

Other shout outs go to The MEGA pocast Carl Jeff and Eddie, Grawlix podcast Randy, Melanie and Jeff, That one time I was abducted Jaime and Bri.  Last and certainly not least Daydream Instruction Manual.  I have probably forgotten some others so I apologize in advance.

Please visit covertnerd.net for all the different ways you can reach me via email or Twitter Instagram and Facebook. You can also send me an MP3 and I will play it on the episode, but please try to keep in PG. Thank you for listening and until next time Nerd it Up.