January 8, 2018 Your Why

Today we will discuss your why, then more Tolkien talk and finally a podcast I think you will enjoy. Plus stick around at the end for a giveaway.


What is your why?

Why do you work where you work? Why do you live where you live? Why do you enjoy the hobbies you enjoy?

Your why is so important because it’s the reason your are doing what you’re doing, it’s the reason you are in a relationship with someone. Whether your why is good or bad you have to be self aware and honest enough to know your why. What do I mean by self-aware? Definition Aware of oneself, including one's traits, feelings, and behaviors.  Knowing yourself so well and honestly admitting to yourself your why.  I thought I would tell you Why do I do this podcast?


  1. I enjoy other podcasters.  It makes my day when a fellow podcaster sends me a positive message about my show.
  2.  I love the medium and enjoy listening to podcasts.  There are multiple podcasts about any particular subject you are interested in.  Whether you are new to podcasts or have listened for the last decade you can always find something new and interesting.  Or if you have a podcast you have listened to for years most shows get better and better. That’s why each episode I recommend a podcast I enjoy, hoping you will too.
  3.  The listeners giving you the listener something that will inspire you, teach you something or make you laugh is what I aim to do.  This journey for me is new and I look forward having you along as I learn and grow.  Nothing give me more joy in hearing from a listener.  I know this sound cliché, but if one person is impacted by what I say, then it’s worth it.  If you have a podcaster, indie author or artist you enjoy please reach out to them and let them know.  It gives them a lot of energy to keep doing what they do.

 I want this podcast to be more positive than negative.  The world has enough negative in it already and I don’t want to add to it.  If I comment on a person, movie or book, I try to keep the criticism to a minimum, someone else can do that.  You will most likely hear me say, “it’s just not my thing.” That’s all doesn’t me it’s horrible and needs to be burned, just not my thing. For someone else they may love it, that’s fine. I will try to focus on the good.

 If you are struggling with whether or not you should start a podcast a book a charity group or whatever it is start now.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just start.  You won’t get any better until you start.

 I am not smart, I barely passed high school and college. But I like to try new stuff especially techie stuff.  I like the journey, I like to tinker and perfect things.  I had to admit that things don’t have to be perfect to be complete.  Sometimes things just have to be good enough.

 My wife and I did foster care for 9 years, and adopted 4 kids from foster care.  I heard from other parents who said they didn’t think they wouldn’t be a great parent for these kids.  I would always say, You don’t need to be a great parent you just need to be a parent. No one is a perfect parent, just being there for a kid is where you start.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” Norman Vicent Peale Which means you have to start.  You can do it, you are stronger than you think.

No matter what you start you will be among the elite. For example I am in Toastmasters a group that helps you become a better public communicator.  Speaking in front of a live group of people is something most people are terrified of doing.  I have seen individual’s physically shake when they get in front of a group of people, but they did it anyway. And they will admit after it was over it wasn’t as bad as they thought. I’m not a great public speaker, but the fact I can do it puts me ahead of a majority of my peers.  I’m doing something a vast majority of people can’t or won’t do, that gives me confidence and it should give you confidence too.

If you write and publish a book you are among the elite.  If you publish a comic book you are among the elite.

For example I have heard of many people who take the writing challenge. Every year writers are encouraged to write two pages per day for year and at the end of a year they have a novel.  It may not be a best seller, but they can say they have written a novel.

I have a great amount of respect for my friend Carl Smith, he has published comic books and several books. He has done something most people haven’t done.  I am sure you know someone like Carl too.

If you start something let me know I would love to hear from you.  I just want to encourage you to start, you can do it.

Tolkien Talk

Last episode we talked about Sauron from JRR Tolkiens LOTR.  If you have only watched the movies I would encourage you to read the books.  I have read the Hobbit and LOTR twice.  I know you die hard fans would say lite weight.  I’m a very slow reader so it take a while to get through a book. Anyway I finally am getting around to reading the Silmarillion.  I’m going backwards and reading the shorter stories in the back first.  I just finished the story about the beginning and fall of Numenor.  For those that haven’t read the books Numenorian are the race of men Aragorn was descended from.  They have a much longer lifespan given to them by the Valar for helping defeat the great enemy Morgoth in the first age.

It’s a fairly quick read, but it’s a very fascinating tale of intrigue and deception.  There’s betrayal by lifelong allies and battles.  It would make a great mini series in my opinion.  If you do read the Silmarillion I suggest you get the complete Tolkien companion by JE Taylor. There are so many names and places in the book it makes it easier to have the guide handy to explain who is going where and doing what.  At least for me I find it easier to understand.  It does slow down you reading, but it will make more sense in the end.  Plus I find the guide fascinating to look up details from the stories.

I hadn’t played in the Tolkien world in a while so it feels good to get back into the realm of Middle Earth again.  When you are reading his literature you can feel the world come alive like other authors can’t do.  You see the places and characters in your mind and feel how old everything really is.  It’s hard to explain. Tolkien's books are everywhere and easy and inexpensive to find.  I would start with the Hobbit then LOTR then Silmarillion.  There are many other books his son put together from his notes that delve into even more obscure details of the lengendarium I hope to get to those someday too.


Podcast you need to listen to

I try to recommend another podcast in each of my episodes and today is no different. This one is That One Time I was Abducted by Aliens.  Bri and Jaime are two young ladies who talk about all things alien and the supernatural.  They are layed back with their conversation, like sitting at the bar talking with your friends about something weird you saw on your way home.  They are very active on Instagram and you may catch them doing a live show. Simply put they are fun.  Check them and give them a try.

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Lastely our contest is going on through the end of the month.  We will be giving away a copy of the game Mintworks a cool game by five24labs.

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Thanks for listening I really appreciate your time.