Hero Quest remake with Kurgan

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I talked with Hero Quest expert Kurgan, about the Hero Quest board game remake Hasbro released this October. He gives us his opinion and predictions on where Hasbro/Avalon Hill will take Hero Quest in the future. 


www.twitch.tv/heroquestfans (Kurgans Twitch channel)

https://www.youtube.com/xsc3 (home of heroquest fans on youtube, videos get posted here after being streamed)

https://discord.gg/hYEBbxsKGC (Discord channel for HeroQuestFans)

YeOldeInn discussions of note:

Unboxing thread with links to other videos and pictures

"(one of many threads devoted to translating the unique Japanese version of HeroQuest into English, currently spearheaded by HispaZargon)
http://forum.yeoldeinn.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5892&sid=2f547c6425daf766edfed0c73db88cbd "

The "De-Magicified World" mod (heroquest without magic)

HeroQuest Remake "Errata"


Using Reaper Miniatures to re-create those rare expansions


The Campaigner Issue 09

Kurgans customs quests (Dwarf Solo Pack)



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Hero Quest remake with Kurgan
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