About Me

January 22, 2018
Do you love nerdy stuff? Me too, I am a 40 something year old nerd dad and husband. I have been reading comics off and on since I was 16.  My favorites comics growing up were are X-Men Uncanny X-Men, and Spawn. Lately it has been independent comic publishers like Valiant and Darkhorse
I'm also a big fan of JRR Tolkien’s books. The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion are all exquisite and timeless.
I am also nostalgic about anything POP Culture from the 80’s like the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Cartoons, and WWF.
Because of my love of nerdy stuff, I want to pass on to you ideas and items to consider and also would like to discuss what you like to nerd out about too.

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